AIST-MeRAM (AIST-Multi-purpose Ecological Risk Assessment and Management Tool)

AIST-MeRAM is a free, user-friendly software for ecological risk assessment/management of chemicals substances. By installing AIST-MeRAM on your computer, you can perform assessment with only a few mouse clicks – ranging from initial risk assessment to high level risk assessment using species sensitivity distribution and population-level effect models. AIST-MeRAM contains not only these assessment models (see below for details), but also toxicity study data on approximately 3900 substances and sample exposure data. You can thus use the tool even if you don’t have data at hand or expertise in ecological risk assessment and statistical analysis.

Current release versions are 1.0.1 in Japanese and 1.0.0 in English. If you are interested in the tool, you can download it for free from the Download page. It is recommended that prior to installation, you read Demonstration of AIST-MeRAM, which describes the overall function of AIST-MeRAM and a risk assessment flow under CSCL (Chemical Substances Control Law of Japan).

Since the release of the Japanese version 0.9.12 in July, 2013, we have received many comments from users. Based on these user comments and needs, we have improved/expanded functions of the tool. It is recommended that prior to install the updated version of AIST-MeRAM in Japanese , please read “Differences between ver 0.9.12 and ver 1.0.1”, which describes the improvements and the new functions of ver. 1.0.1 (Japanese only). At the same time, we have also developed the English version of AIST-MeRAM to support global operations of chemical industries.

We are pleased to announce the release of both AIST-MeRAM Japanese version 1.0.1 and English version 1.0.0. We hope users find this tool useful.

— “Assessment Methodologies” contained in the tool —

  • Assessment methods pursuant to the CSCL risk assessment scheme*
  • Population-level effect model
  • Species sensitivity distribution model
  • Hazard quotient model
    * The methods are in accordance with the Technical Guidance posted on the website of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (as of June 18, 2013).

— “Data for Assessment” contained in the tool —

  • Ecotoxicity data (150,000 data on approx. 3900 substances)
  • Physical property data (physical properties of substances subject to the PRTR Act)
  • Emission factor data sets (use/sub use categories and their associated emission factors used for risk assessment under CSCL)
  • Environmental parameters (statistical data, including water discharge data obtained from 354 monitoring points along first class rivers of Japan)

We support simplification, optimization, and standardization of ecological risk assessment of chemical substances.

AIST-MeRAM: Multi-Purpose ecological Risk Assessment and Management Tool


A half-day training session of MeRAM: The ICCA-LRI & NIHS Workshop scheduled to be held in Awaji Island Japan during 15-16 June 2016. Just before the workshop, we plan to have a half-day training session (in the afternoon of 14 June 2016) for people who interested to actually use the MeRAM.
I am sorry to announce here that the release of the new version MeRAM (MeRAM ver. 2.0.0) is postponed. We expect to release at the end of this summer.
Scheduled to release its new versions of AIST-MeRAM (Japanese and English) until the end of May 2016
Adopted as one of the designated research topics of the 4th JCIA LRI
Released Japanese version 1.0.1 and English version 1.0.0 Opened English webpage and updated Japanese webpage of AIST-MeRAM